Help reverse the culture’s character crisis
by providing reminders and resources
to renew best thoughts, feelings and actions

to instill values, mindsets and habits
that improve school, family and community cultures.


Mind-Cue, with the same founder as TrueSuccess, Bill Heneveld, is working off TrueSuccess’ highly successful local, in-person model with an expanded reach, digital model, expanding geographically and audiences. Mind-Cue is employing the same effective strategies developed over 15 years with TrueSuccess while reaching 200,000+ kids in grades K-12. Research-based resources simultaneously equip kids with social, emotional and literacy skills. Resources engage and inspire using encouraging videos, compelling lifestories of positive role models and other fun, educational and entertaining instruction. As one student said, “TrueSuccess is educational and fun.” Along with abundant resources for the school year, Mind-Cue will support year around social and emotional skill development with 12 monthly values; Respect, Responsibility, Gratitude, Self-Control, Grit, Courage, Encouragement, Compassion, Integrity, Teamwork, Hope and Wisdom. (listed in order starting with the school year).

Given the continuing character-crisis in America, Mind-Cue is excited about the opportunity to make a significant impact by equipping essential values to have a positive impact on the future of our country.