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Be YOUnique

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It’s easy to stand with the crowd.  It takes courage  to stand alone.

ThinkI’m Really Proud of Myself

FeelFeelings of Courage

Reflecting on the video: 1. Explain, aside from trying out for America’s Got Talent, other ways Tyler showed courage and self-awareness. 2. Describe what Tyler must have felt when Simon gave him the golden buzzer. 3. Reflect back on a time when someone treated you unfairly, were you able to show courage, and if so, how did that feel?

Consider using our feeling words when sharing emotions.

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ActI Love Being Me

Consider how Tyler was motivated by his bullies to find something that made him differently, uniquely, wonderful. This can take tremendous courage to stand out in a crowd and be who you really are, not hiding behind any masks.  ACTivity: Courage to Be Me 1.  Use the worksheet to celebrate the things you love about yourself that make you differently, uniquely, wonderful.
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ExpressWrite about Jon’s & Alec’s Lifestory

Day 2:	Write about Jonathan’s and Alec’s lifestory by addressing a question after the lifestory and writing your answer on the worksheet.
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