Equipping Character Skills

makes the significant difference!

Universally accepted Character Skills help establish and
unify healthy school, family and community cultures.

These core character skills are the foundation of our proven, evidence-based success
in helping improve behavior, reading and math (see Evidence-based Report).
These skills and common language are keys to the success of our mission to:

Enhance personal and group success…
with resources that cue best thoughts, feelings, actions and life
around character skills that unify school, family and community cultures.

Non-polarizing character skills and themes:

January Grit is powered by purpose.™
February Courage overcomes fear.™
March Encouragement strengthens hope.™
April Compassion gives double joy.™
May Integrity is doing what’s right.™
June Teamwork unity creates greater good.™
July Hope creates energy and direction.™
August Wisdom helps choose good paths.™
September Respect returns when given away.™
October Responsibility grows good fruit.™
November Gratitude is key to happiness.™
December Self-Control determines destiny.™