Your support
helps plant seeds of character skills to
produce fruit of healthy cultures.

An image of an apple tree with respect, responsibility, self-control, gratitude, grit, courage, encouragement, integrity, and compassion as the roots, and love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control as the fruit.

You can help improve civility and peace!

Character skills like respect, compassion and self-control help support building healthy cultures.
It is no understatement that there is a serious need to reduce tensions and polarization in our culture.

Consider being part of the solution
to improve civility and peace in our culture
by helping support more people benefiting from Cues4Success.

People Support Impact
5 $50 Help keep Jumpstarts FREE
25 $200 1 classroom for 1 year -or- Help keep Jumpstarts FREE
75 $550 3 classrooms for 1 year -or- Help keep Jumpstarts FREE
150 $1,000 Help make Lessons FREE
500 $2,750 Include name in Lesson slides; 1 grade range
1000 $5,500 Include name in Lesson slides; 2 grade range
2000 $10,000 Include name in Lesson slides; 3 grade range
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